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Tough and fun class with Julie! Thanks!!

Brittin Leigh

Thank you for your beautiful hospitality. I traveled from the north to visit my mother who leaves right nearby you and very much enjoyed coming to your studio. I felt welcomed and comfortable. Estefania’s Flexibility class gave me some great new inspiration and ideas and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your accommodating my tight schedule by adding an open Lyra session so I could practice. Best wishes for continued success in your new location. I’ll see you again soon!

Jill M.

It was so fun and everyone was so welcoming. I was so nervous because it was my first time trying the class but the instructor and fellow students were so helpful! I can’t wait to go back!

Candice P.
Fort Myers, Florida

This place is amazing! I’m just getting back into caring for myself after many years of only worrying about others. This place is so warm and inviting and there is no judgement from my class mates or the instructors! Thank you P&A for helping me to take care of me again and to have fun while doing it!

Jamie Koyote
Fort Myers, FL

I used to dread working out and going to the gym, I always loved dancing, so when I decided to take charge of my health and have fun at the same time. I found pole & aerial, and my inner native changed completely!! Now I look forward to going to class, I am stronger more confident after every class! I recommend everyone try the fun of pole and aerial at least once in there lifetime!

Alexiana Cranor

I’ve been going to this studio for over 3 years now and still love it. I’ll never forget my 1st visit. I was nervous and clumsy. But everyone was so nice and class was fun. Not a competitive atmosphere and everyone is so supportive. It has become my home away from home and a place I can go to just be me, be feminine, be artistic, be strong af, reach goals, and watch others smash their goals. There’s a variety of apparatuses and classes to try at all levels. The studio is clean and well kept. If you’ve been thinking about it, give it a go!

Cristina D
Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Variedad de clases, clases para todos los niveles, instructoras súper preparadas y siempre encuentras caras amigables! (Variety of classes, classes for all levels, super prepared instructors and always find friendly faces!)

Alexa F.

This studio is one of the most amazing places I have ever been! I came for my first class and was so nervous but quickly Michelle made me feel so confident (even though I was definitely in the struggle bus! 😂) I decided to keep coming back and I love it! Everyone is so lovely and welcoming and it’s such a magical and safe place to learn how to be sensual and strong! Sign up for tour first class and I promise you will LOVE it!

Sara Mueller

I’ve been coming to Pole & Aerial Fitness for about a year ago and I’ve loved my experience there. I’ve taken classes in every apparatus (pole, lyra, and silks) and I’ve made so many improvements in strength and flexibility in the past year. I also have met so many amazing encouraging strong women. I feel like I always have so many goals that I’m working towards, as well as new accomplishments that I achieve!

Chrissy M.
Cape Coral, Florida

Amazing empowerment of all women !!

Lacie Delgado
Naples, FL