Our Playground

Pole and Aerial Fitness has specialized in dance and fitness instruction since 2010. We offer a wide variety of classes in a safe, inclusive, and encouraging environment. Our group fitness classes and private lessons are for people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

Our programs are unique in that they are designed not only to develop strength and power in the body, but also to offer new creative outlets for self-expression and discovery. The combination of stretches, strength training, dance movement and athleticism transform the body while providing a fun and playful experience.


New To Pole?

We are so excited that you are considering this journey with us. We have a warm and welcoming environment where you will be encouraged and supported by both instructors and students.

Our Classes

Challenging and fun, our classes are a great alternative to traditional dance or gym style fitness.

The instructors at Pole and Aerial Fitness teach classes from both dance and fitness perspective. Some classes are naturally more on the fitness side and some on the dance side, but our focus is on the progress of each individual student. Let our instructors know your goals. We want you to take our classes in the direction you want to go.

Our Instructors

Meet the creative masterminds behind your dance education.

Pamela Vitter

Awesome people, all around great classes, ALL THE TIME. They have awesome T-shirts to buy. They have great instructors and amazing showcases! The love here is amazing something that’s hard to find other places!!!

Pamela Vitter
Naples, FL

Brittany Sparkles performs an aerial silks routine to Grand Piano by Nicki Minaj.

Girls Night Out!

Interested in a girl’s night out? Or maybe you have a special occasion you would like us to host? We are the perfect fit for birthdays, bachelorette parties, newly divorced parties or even club, group or TGIF celebration.

Let us host your event while you have all of the fun. Contact us today to discuss a date and the dance of your choice.

Book a class today at Pole and Aerial Fitness of SWFL for pole dancing, lyra and aerial hammock classes.

Booking Made Simple

Upload the Mind Body App to quickly view, register and pay for classes with just one click from your phone.

Enter Pole & Aerial Fitness in the business listing, look for our logo, and create or enter your account information.

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