Cait has been dancing for over 15 years and has trained in many styles including ballet, jazz, heels, burlesque, and contemporary.

Estefania started her aerial journey by joining gymnastics as a child and has been in love with aerial arts ever since. She joined our studio as a student in 2013 where she tried all of our apparatus and found her passion for Lyra.

Terry Lee has been teaching ballroom dance for over 12 years, having been certified in both Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray dance studios.

Cristina’s love for pole dancing began in college when she bartended at a club and saw pole dancers working. She admired their strength, allure and body confidence.

As a seasoned artist and instructor, Carolyn has nearly a decade of experience captivating audiences with the ethereal beauty of aerial silks.

Terri believes aerial can make you mentally and physically stronger resulting in increased confidence and is her anti-aging secret.

Lacy is not only an instructor, but the owner of the studio. She is a fully certified instructor though XPERT/XPOLE Levels 1&2, 3&4 and the only spiral pole instructor in the state of Florida.

Hanna began her pole journey in 2013 on a home pole watching YouTube videos to teach herself. A couple of years later, she became a student at Pole & Aerial Fitness of SWFL.

Based in Naples but hailing from Southern California, Nettie Boom got her start in dancing in the early 2000s as a street dancer. Over the years, she found her way to the wonderful world of Burlesque.

Windy Carrillo is a certified Pole and Aerial Instructor who has taught pole dancing since the studio opened. She also is certified to teach Fly Gym and Fly Pole. She has experience teaching beginner all the way up to advanced classes.

Bright, warm, and friendly, Amanda is a certified pole instructor with years of experience in teaching dance. As a teacher, she is patient and accommodating; always mindful of her student’s needs.

Lexi has 15 years of dance experience in a variety of different styles including: ballroom, contemporary, and modern.

Juls found pole & aerial fitness in 2009 and her world literally changed for the better. She believes pole & aerial fitness is “the cure” for women to gain upper body & core strength.

Michelle was first introduced to the bliss of pole dancing when she took an introductory class at the Shelia Kelley’s S Factor studio in NYC. Enamored by the fluidity, strength, and grace she witnessed during an instructor demonstration, she immediately signed up for the signature journey classes.