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Pole & Aerial Fitness
(239) 410-4105
28360 Old 41 Rd. #9
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
28360 Old 41 Rd. #9
Bonita Springs, FL
(239) 410-4105

Pole Dance Classes | Pole Fitness | Aerial Gymnastics

If you are looking for pole dance classes in Naples or Fort Myers, Florida, check out Pole and Aerial Fitness of SW Florida, the premiere pole studio in Florida.

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Pole and Aerial Fitness of SW Florida offers women in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida, the opportunity to experience a fun, sexy way to get in shape. No more tedious work outs that bore you, pole dance classes are not work at all…they are a blast!

No other pole dance studio in Naples offers the assortment of pole dance classes that you find at Pole and Aerial Fitness of SW Florida. The instructors at our pole studio in Bonita Springs, Florida are highly trained and offer techniques and fitness programs for all shapes, sizes and ages.

Pole Dance Fitness in Naples | Aerial Fitness in Fort Myers

If you have heard of pole fitness or pole dance fitness, you might be wondering what it’s all about. Our pole dance studio offers an intro class that will show you exactly what this sexy, fun aerial fitness program is.

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In a nutshell, we offer aerial gymnastics in Bonita Springs, Florida, as well as all types of flexibility and tricks classes. Pole dance is something that many people misunderstand, but we are quickly making it a phenomenon in Southwest Florida.

Our pole studio is halfway between Naples FL and Fort Myers FL, making it an easy drive from both places to the premiere pole dance studio in SW Florida. If you’ve always wanted to try aerial gymnastics, pole fitness, or pole dance classes, please check us out!

Pole Dance Classes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

No matter how big or small you are, how young or old, Pole and Aerial Fitness of SW Florida offers pole dance classes for Naples and Fort Myers women that will surely get you in shape while you’re having fun. Pole dance fitness could be the very thing that gets you on track with your weight loss goals, or overall fitness.

Pole dance is fun, sexy and exciting. Let the instructors at Pole and Aerial Fitness of SW Florida help you succeed, while learning sexy tricks on the pole.

Welcome to Pole & Aerial Fitness of SWFL

Pole dance & aerial fitness is more than a trendy new workout. It is becoming recognized as a great alternative workout for women of all ages.

The combination of stretches, strength training, dance movement, and gymnastics will transform your body, while providing a fun, entertaining experience.

This fitness program is unique in that it is designed just for women not only to build their outer strength and beauty, but to empower them to feel sexy and strong emotionally.

We all know how hard it is to stay motivated if your work out is a chore to get through. With pole dance fitness, the workouts are just as demanding physically … but because it is so enjoyable, it takes the “work” out of working out.

The classes fly by and before you realize it, you will see the changes in your body and feel the changes in your attitude as you become the strong, confident, sexy woman you want to be!