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Pole & Aerial Fitness
(239) 676-8145
28360 Old 41 Rd. #9
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
28360 Old 41 Rd. #9
Bonita Springs, FL
(239) 676-8145


"I absolutely LOVE Mikal's pole class! It's like being transported to a safe haven away from the real world, where you feel hot, sexy and still get a great workout. I think it is empowering to women, as well as being beneficial to your physical and emotional health. Sometimes, I even do my ironing in my platforms! Try will really help put a spring in your step!"
Karen D.
"I recommend Pole Fitness of SWFL to anyone looking for a challenging workout that is not only effective but fun! Since I've started pole fitness classes I have dumped my regular fitness classes at the gym. This class gives me so much more than any other fitness class I've ever stepped foot in. Each class presents new challenges and significantly builds up my endurance and strength. I get a great warm up followed by a fun workout. The atmosphere is far better than the gym and I have made so many friends through these classes, where I wasn't really getting to know anyone at the gym I went to. I like the way everyone seems to encourage each other and help one another with the challenges they face within each class. This class has brought me new friendships, built up the confidence I have in myself and put a spark back in my life! Thanks for all of your great instruction Mikal, your classes truly have made a great impact in my life!"
Stacey M.
"When I turned 50, I decided that I needed to shake up my workout program. It was boring. I was looking for something new and fun that would really tone me up. I took my first "Intro to Pole" class at Pole and Aerial Fitness of SWFL and fell in love with pole. Now my upper body strength is even better than it was when I was in my 20s. I am toned and I look forward to working out. That never happened with my old workout routines."
Laura S.
Computer Programmer, Naples
"I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone and everyone! I came to the class on a whim, and fell in love with it immediately. I'm not one for exercise or for diets, so I was hoping this class would be a fun way to help me shed my leftover baby weight. In a matter of weeks I lost 20 lbs and quite a bit of flab! Aside from the amazing work out that it is, it does wonders for one's self esteem. Mastering a move that first made you think to yourself 'there is absolutely no way my body will do that' feels amazing! The instructor is very easy going and patient, and the class allows you to work & learn at your own pace. It's just all together fun!"
Monica G.
911 Dispatcher, Naples
"My life has changed in such a positive & liberating manner since joining Pole & Aerial Fitness in 2010. There's so much more to pole dancing than sex appeal, it's truly an amazing sport of fitness, endurance, strength & control. I'm in better shape, less bulky & more defined with a few months of pole dancing .vs several months of weight training & cardio at the gym. It's improved my batting and overall upper body strength. Along with empowerment of being a strong, sexy woman. After meeting and training with World Champion Pole Dancer Felix Cane this week, I am inspired with new goals for this year! Thank you Mikal for your guidance, leadership, support & friendship."
Juls Hillery C.
"I've been taking this class for over three months and I love it! This class gives you a great workout and it's extremely fun, it doesn't even feel like your working out. This class has helped me build more confidence not to mention muscle. The instructor is fantastic, she really helps you and works at a speed that fits you best not to mention she has amazing moves!"
Annamarie D.