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Pole & Aerial Fitness
(239) 676-8145
28360 Old 41 Rd. #9
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
28360 Old 41 Rd. #9
Bonita Springs, FL
(239) 676-8145

First Time Student?

New students are required to attend an introduction to pole class before attending regular beginner class or open level pole class. Intro to pole is $20 and is offered 3 times a week.

Most students attend the Intro class more than once. You may continue to attend intro classes and beginner classes at the same time, if you would like. The Intro class will focus on the basics and foundations which are important to master before you move forward.

Punctuality Is Very Important

It is important that you do a proper warm up before class, and this requires you to be on time.

The studio door will be locked at the scheduled start time for class. If you are running late, please call or text (239) 676-8145. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes past your scheduled class time, we ask that you do not disrupt the students who have already started class.

Please arrive on time for your classes, being mindful that there may be a class before and/or after yours.

When you schedule a class using our online booking system, you will receive a confirmation email which will specify a specific date and time. To sign up for class, you must pay at the time of sign up. If you need to make other arrangements, you will need to contact us.

Classes are available 6 days a week at both daytime & evening time slots.

Basic Class Information

What you need to know before coming to class:

  1. When you arrive for your first class, you will need to show some form of ID and sign a waiver.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT! Please do not have any lotion or sunscreen on. This includes spray self tanners or any skin product that will rub off. It rubs off onto the mats, the floor, and the poles!
  3. If you wear rings to class, you will be asked to remove them so that they won’t damage the poles. We will provide a secure place to store them.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing, workout shorts & a tank or t-shirt. Wearing any type of pants will hinder your pole work. If you are attending an aerial class (TriFly, Flygym, Lyra) please wear tight fitting pants or leggings to prevent chafing.
  5. We will work out barefoot in the beginning, but soon you can wear those sexy stilettos!
  6. I have shoes in the studio for you to use, purchase or borrow. Unlike regular dress shoes, these are made for pole fitness and have non-slip soles on them. If you have a pair you would like to bring, we will need to see them first to make sure they will not damage our floor.
  7. You are also welcome to bring your own Yoga mat for the warm-up or we will provide you with one. If you borrow a mat you will be responsible for wiping down the mat after class.
  8. The only persons allowed in the workout area during class are participants of the class. Gentlemen are not to be in the studio during class time. This is not a spectator sport.

Class Formats

The first 15 minutes of class will be the warm-up period. During this time, you can relax and begin to prepare physically and mentally for pole work. This time will be dedicated to dynamic stretching to warm up the body for your upcoming pole work, and strength training.

After your warmup, you will move on to moves specific to the class and level you are signed up for. Cool down and stretching will be done at the end of class.

Class Prices

  • $25 per class
  • Package of 5 for $100 ($20 per class)
  • Intro class is always $20
  • Unlimited monthly membership is also available ranging from $150/month to $160/month, depending on contract length and allows you to attend any class and as often as you want, including more than one class per day.
  • Private lessons are available on request. Prices vary by instructor, please inquire.

Class spots are limited so it is important that you sign up online. Online sign ups cut off 12 hours in advance of class. If you decide to come past that window, you can call or text to see if there is availability.

* We have a generous 12 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within the 12 hours from your class start time, will lose the class. You can make changes to your reservations or cancel them online before the 12 hour cutoff.

* You need to keep your current email and phone number in your profile, so we can contact if your class is cancelled.

NOTE: We require a minimum of 3 people to be signed up for a class, or it will be cancelled. The system is set up so you can see how many other students are signed up. It is the registrant’s responsibility to check the class status online before their class and make sure the class has met its minimum sign up requirement.