Student Spotlight: Jocelyn

November 2022

It all began with a Shirley Temple movie. Bright Eyes. I never watched cartoons when I was a kid. Instead, my mom gave me Shirley Temple movies, West Side Story, Oklahoma, Camelot, and Annie on VHS. I loved Shirley Temple and wanted to be just like her. My mom put me in tap dance lessons when I was three years old and within a few months, I proudly announced that I was ready to perform!

She put on my tap shoes, dressed me up and brought me to the nursing home where she worked so I could dance for the residents. I was only 3 1/2, so I chickened out… I didn’t realize how hard Shirley Temple‘s job was. She made it look so easy!

I continued with my tap dance lessons and I also took ballet classes and rhythmic gymnastics for a few years (to help with my gymnastics). After high school, I didn’t have a place to continue my dancing, so I lost it for more than a decade.

Then one day, I was invited to a Burlesque class in Naples. I loved it! At that class, I meet some amazing women, Annette and Audrey Bennett. I started burlesque classes, and eventually performances! I love the sisterhood and empowerment Burlesque brought me!

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A few years later, these women introduced me Pole and Aerial Fitness’s S factor class with Lexi and Michelle. I started with S factor in February 2021. In other dance classes, I always dreaded any “freestyle“ but with S factor, it became much more natural for me to freestyle.

After about six months, I decided to start taking Pole classes. I can’t believe how much I love it! It’s so challenging, so rewarding, and so uniquely feminine. But best of all, I have found that the sisterhood of the Pole community is an incredible family. Sisters who cheer you on in your wins and support you in your losses. And it’s that that I am most grateful for. 💜

I have been blessed to meet such unique, kind, and beautiful women on this journey. And don’t worry, I did eventually go back to that nursing home and perform for the residents.