Carolyn Schultz

Carolyn Cu

Introducing our esteemed aerial silks instructor, Carolyn Schultz! As a seasoned artist and instructor, Carolyn has nearly a decade of experience captivating audiences with the ethereal beauty of aerial silks. Having originally taught at our gym before embarking on a journey to Hollywood, Florida, Carolyn is now back to share her knowledge and expertise with our community.

With a passion for the artistry and physicality of aerial silks, Carolyn has not only honed her skills as an instructor but has also been a dynamic performer at a variety of events. From private parties to corporate gatherings, galas, festivals, and beyond, Carolyn has graced stages and venues across Florida, leaving audiences in awe with each breathtaking performance.

As Carolyn takes the reins once again at our aerial silks gym, expect to be inspired, challenged, and uplifted—both physically and artistically. Welcome back to the silk-clad skies, where Carolyn’s expertise and passion await to elevate your aerial journey to new heights!