Student Spotlight: Rebecca

June 2022

My pole story started on October 1, 2012. I was 47 and had been playing tennis every day for 12 years. I was looking for something different and came across a story about pole dancing for fitness. I decided to see if there was a place in South Florida and found Pole and Aerial Fitness in Bonita.

I was hooked after the first class! I kept up with tennis and pole for the first five years, but ultimately decided that doing both put too much strain on my body. I was getting injured too often. The decision was a no brainer: I quit tennis altogether and focused on my aerial journey. It wasn’t long before I also branched out to Lyra.

2022 06 Rebecca 2

Through my pole and aerial journey, I have become physically and mentally stronger. I am so proud of myself. I’ve learned so much and continue to learn more everyday. I’ve also met so many wonderful women. Pole is an integral part of my life. I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s truly a lifestyle!

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