Windy Carrillo

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Windy Carrillo is a certified Pole and Aerial Instructor who has taught pole dancing for over 14 years. She has continued her education by participating in a pole dance instructor certification course through Angel Discoveries. She also is certified to teach Fly Gym and Fly Pole. She has experience teaching beginner all the way up to advanced classes.

Prior to poling, Windy gained around 20 years of experience in the world of physical fitness through many commercial disciplines such as, Pilates, Zumba, and Step Aerobics. What inspired Windy to open her eyes toward physical fitness is that in her early childhood and teen years, she always struggled with her weight. When she hit the scales at over 200 pounds, she was facing a laundry list of physical ailments. She knew then it was time for a change in her lifestyle.

Windy has attended numerous workshops and seminars given by well-known industry professionals such as Natasha Wang, Michelle Stanek, Aletha Austin, and the Pole Queen herself, Felix Cane.

When not at the studio, she is busy attending to her family. She is married to her husband of 32 years. She has 2 children, a 30 year old son and a special little daughter who has been diagnosed on the spectrum of Autism.

As an instructor at Pole and Aerial Fitness, Windy tries to connect with each student at her level. She understands how women get caught up in their daily lives and seem not to take time out for themselves. She wants to help women boost their self esteem, feel sexy, and really learn to love themselves.