Lacy Kelly

2024 Spiral Pole Gallery (49)

My name is Lacy Kelly, Instructor and owner of Pole & Aerial Fitness. I found Pole by complete necessity at an early age. I needed work, and the club was hiring. For years, I danced on stage and found I was pretty good at putting on a show.

With my newly discovered confidence, I started competing in regional competitions, and won two “Showgirl of the Year” titles. Not long after this, my career took a more “grown-up” turn, as I stepped out of dance and into the field of Insurance.

Despite this change of pace, I always loved the way Pole made me feel! Strong, sexy, and confident! After multiple years off from dance, I missed it so much that I put a pole in my own home and swore I would one day have my own studio. 10 years later, with a lot of effort, I opened my first studio in my home town in Indiana!

After multiple visits to Florida I made the move in June of 2022. I began instructing at Pole & Aerial Fitness and loved it so much that when the opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t resist the idea of owning another studio. My purpose in life is to inspire, encourage, and care for my peers by challenging them to grow and love themselves and each other.

  • Fully Certified Instructor though XPERT/XPOLE Levels 1&2, 3&4.
  • Only spiral pole instructor in the state of Florida.