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Kamilah (aka Renate)

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Kamilah (aka Renate) found her love for the art of bellydance in 2005. She is an award winning performer that relocated to Naples, Florida from the Carolina in June 2017.

Kamilah built a large community of dancers by starting “Kamilah Bellydance” in 2012. She instructed ongoing beginner thru professional level classes creating all original choreography for them to learn and perform. She offered students many performance opportunities at events, festivals, recitals and by hosting or attending bellydance Hafla’s. She is also the director and creator of the professional award winning show and troupe “Roses of the Realm” for the Annual Carolina Renaissance Festival.

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In 2015, she had the honor of touring and performing in New York City and Boston with the elite dancers of “Bellydance Evolution Production” led by world renowned artist Jillina. There she performed in seven “Alice in Wonderland” shows. In 2017, she received the honor to perform with BDE once again in their brand new show “Fantasm – Odyssey of Dreams” performing in Los Angeles & Dallas.

Kamilah had her mind set to retire from bellydance once relocating to Florida, but could not as her intense love for the art and for teaching pushed her back towards dance again. Bellydance is so much more that dance moves. It’s fun, unique and the control is mesmerizing. It builds friendships, self-confidence, creativity, inspiration, improved posture, toned muscles and a good body image. Kamilah hopes to build a new community of dancers who also find a love for bellydance and all it has to offer by sharing her talents and passion here in SWFL!

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