Julie Christian

Julie loves to support women of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages in embracing their true beauty. Julie believes that inside every woman lies the strength to take on every challenge and the power to overcome any obstacle.

Julie fell in love with aerial fitness in 2015. After a road biking accident left her with a brain injury, she had to find another form of physical activity, and after her first intro class with Windy, she was hooked! Julie became an instructor in 2017. Her favorite classes to teach are Intro to Pole and Choreography. “I love teaching intro and watching women fall in love with dance and themselves. They often come in complaining about an extra ten pounds or a jiggly body part, and they leave feeling beautiful and strong.”

Outside of the studio, Julie is married and has four amazing children. She works within the community supporting women through her work with the Pregnancy Resource Clinic. She is an extreme weight loss survivor, having lost 100 pounds in 2006. Julie is also a writer and public speaker. She has written two books and is currently writing more.

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