Cristina Denegre

Cristina Profile

Cristina’s pole journey began one day when she gathered a group of her friends together for an intro to pole class. Even though she could not even climb a pole, she had so much fun and has been hooked ever since.

That was in 2015. At the time, she was 39 years old and had no experience in dance or gymnastics. The supportive nature of the pole community has encouraged her to try many different dance styles. After years of poling, she obtained a professional teacher training certification from Xpert Pole Fitness. She has also trained with some of the best in the industry, including Phoenix Kazree, Brian Wolf, Marlo Fisken, Nadia Sharif, and Magnus Laabe.

By day, she owns and operates her own businesses in the tourism industry. As a biologist, she takes people out on wildlife and nature excursions. She loves her career, and also loves that she has found a way to reconnect to being feminine, being strong, being expressive through movement, and regaining self confidence. She hopes to inspire other students to do the same, by pushing their boundaries to try new things.

Cristina Dendgre