Cristina Denegre

2023 Cristina Close

Hey lovies, I’m Cristina and I’m a certified pole instructor through Xpert Fitness and Ariel Xenia. I began teaching in 2019. As an instructor, I am technical, tough, and passionate about my students. Safety and injury prevention is also very important in my classes. I am always self evaluating to constantly improve my teaching skills.

My love for pole dancing began in college when I started bartending at a club and saw pole dancers working. I admired their strength, allure and body confidence. They always tried to get me on stage but I had no self confidence and preferred to stay on the floor lol.

Eventually I started my career as a biologist and have a passion for science. When I discovered a pole dance studio in SWFL, I was excited to have the opportunity to learn in a safe environment and my love for science and dance intertwined. After building a strong pole dance foundation, I soon hit the road and started traveling the world to train with international pole stars. I ended up not only learning great techniques as a student but I also learned how to be a great teacher and performer.

My alter ego, Midnight Cordova, was born. It’s the name of my cat and my family name lol. I now have the confidence to perform on pole, trapeze and lyra and make money doing it. I have also won 1st and 2nd places in pole competitions for solos and group routines.

I teach group classes as well as private sessions.