Bianca Closeup

Bianca is a movement junkie, having found a love for dancing at age 3 and spending 15 years of intensive training as a classical ballet dancer. Bianca’s path guided her towards Yoga, which eventually led her to become a certified yoga teacher.

While living in Los Angeles in 2018, Bianca took a pole class at a time in her life where she was feeling uninspired and in need of something new and refreshing. She fell in love with the welcoming and diverse pole community, as well as the wide variety of styles one could explore in pole. She kept going back to classes eager to learn more.

Bianca doing a pole routine

When she returned to Southwest Florida, she was so grateful to find an aerial studio in the area. She increased her skills in pole and also started taking classes in lyra (aerial hoop) and aerial silks.

Bianca now teaches pole in addition to yoga and breathwork, and recognizes how the breath and mind-body connection has also benefited her aerial practice. Her teaching style places an emphasis on the importance of good technique and a strong foundation. When she’s not doing yoga or on an apparatus, you can find her on her farm, tending to her plants and animals with her partner.