Aurora Freya

Being a cheerleader and on the dance team through her teenage years, the common College ‘Freshman 15’ weight would not leave. Struggling with extra weight, low self confidence, satisfaction with life, relationships, one day….finally: Change.

Gym workouts were boring, uninspiring and the unwanted attention was a distraction. After her roommate asked her to run a 5K, she continued on to conquer her Bucket List Goal of running a marathon (finishing 3)! However, training took hours and after beginning her own salon business, time was of the essence and running had helped to lose 10-15 pounds but still at 150 pounds….. It was time to do something different. Why walk/run when you can dance?

Entering Vixen Studio for Cardio StripTease Class changed everything. Sexiness was not something that came easily, and the workout created heat, movement, sweat, and a new healthy outlet for energy – fitness. Upon observing a few beginning minutes of the following pole class, the fear of the unknown disappeared: Replaced with a desire to learn, to move, to strengthen, to dance, to become free.

Having pole danced for less than a year, Aurora entered her first competition: Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma. Competitive by nature, she continued on competing: Oklahoma Pole/Burlesque Expo (1st & Miss Trickster), Triangle Competition (NC) Exotic L4 (1st), 2017 Pole Art Semi-Pro (FL) (2nd), Colorado Pole Competition (Boulder) and has enjoyed showcasing her dancing in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Florida.

Aurora has trained under many famous instructors including: Marlo Fisken, David C. Owen, Michelle Stanek, Estee Zakar, Phoenix Kazree, Anastasia Skukhtorova, Natasha Wang, Porsche, Alethea Austin, Sarah Jade, Carlie Hunter, Karol Helms, and more. Traveling to Las Vegas, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Arkansas, Texas, Iowa and even Europe for training/competitions.

Pole (aka vertical gymnastics) combines cardio, strength training, flexibility, movement, and emotion and wraps it into a efficient 3-5 minute workout – how many songs do you enjoy dancing to? Come play, feel your mind expand, your muscles engage and the rest of the world fall away.

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