Ariana Bian

Ariana has been pole obsessed since watching her first YouTube video in 2012. Eager to replicate the grace, beauty, and strength displayed, she quickly enrolled in her first pole class and never looked back.

Ariana has no formal dance/movement training but through hard work and a little help from her friends, she has gained more strength, flexibility, and confidence than she ever imagined. She is an ElevatED certified pole and flexibility instructor. MELT Method certified and has completed Marlo’s Floor Flow Teacher Training. As a graduate of the Body & Pole work-study program, she has extensively trained with some of the industry’s best such as Michelle Natoli, Michelle Stanek, Shaina Cruea, Samantha Star, and Magnus Labbe. She lives for helping her students achieve the “impossible” 🙂

When not at the studio, she can be found thrifting and cuddling her boyfriend and eating ice cream.

Accolades: 2015 PSO Level 2 Champion 1st runner-up, 2016 USPDF Novice Artistic 2nd runner-up and 2017 PSO Seaboard Level 4 – Dramatic Junior/Senior Winner

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