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    Acro Dance Workshop

    Saturday, October 15th
    1:30 pm to 3:00 pm


    Do you love the lifts in Dirty Dancing? Have you wanted to try it? During this workshop Terry, a professional ballroom dancer, will teach participants 3-4 basic partner poses incorporating a lift.

    Focus will be on:

    • safety
    • building trust
    • proper form
    • learning muscle engagement for each pose

    Single flyers are welcome! Our bases are able to comfortably hold flyers up to 180lbs. Each single flyer will be paired either with Terry or his assistant to try each of the different poses.

    Flyers are also welcome to register with a “base,” who should be capable of holding their partner’s body weight overhead. Please note, if you are registering as a couple or pair, each person will need to pay the $35 fee.

    Attire: we recommend shorts and form fitting clothing for flyers

    2022 Dirty Dancing Wkshop
    Service Areas: other towns in Florida
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