Pole Classes

Check out the following list of Pole Classes offered at our studio. For more information about each one, just click the class title.

Introduction to Pole

This class is for first timers! Have the chance to experience a pole fitness class & decide if pole is the right workout for you.

We will cover a warmup and touch on some of the basic pole foundations as well as a couple of spins and a short routine. One Class and you'll be hooked! This class is designed to show you what is involved in our recurring classes.

Many students take introduction to pole several times. If you are just starting your workout regimen, need to start slow and build up strength before you are ready to move into beginner class, please feel free to take this class as many times as you'd like.

This class IS a requirement, unless you have previous experience. You may not take Beginner Pole class without taking Intro to Pole if previously approved.

Beginner Pole

This class if for you ladies who are new to pole but have already completed at least 1 introduction to pole class. This class will cover basic pole foundations, beginner spins, basic grips, proper body alignment, and strength building.

This class is a requirement for all new polers. Whether it’s your first time or if you are just starting your workout regimen and need to start slow and build up strength this class along with Conditioning Class will get you there! It is recommended that you attend this class 3-4 times minimum before signing up for Beginner Pole Flow.

It is very important to master the foundations of pole before learning more advanced techniques

Beginner/Intermediate Spinny Pole

This class is designed to teach the basics of spin pole and fluid movement.

You will learn how to control the speed of the spin pole while creating smooth combos & transitions.

We ask that you take Intro to Spin Pole, have prior Static Pole Experience or Instructor Permission prior to signing up for Level 1/2.

Intermediate/Advanced Tricks and Combos Class

Time for a workout! Once you have learned how to climb, aerial invert, and more - it's combo time!

*must have Instructor Approval

Sheila Kelley’s S Factor Level 1 & 2

This class is 2 hours, and combines Level 1 & 2.

Begins with the S Factor workout and moves through pole work, floor work, pole flow, optional striptease and play clothes assignments, and concludes with the S Routine or free dance.

Pole Optional.

Choreography: Magic Mike Routine

This fun class will focus on learning the moves to a Magic Mike themed routine to the song "Pony." All levels are welcome!

Pole Flow – All Levels

Learn how to combine basic pole tricks by putting them together in a flowing, fluid routine.

Pole Tricks – Open Level

This class is for all levels, but not first time students.

After warm up, the instructor will work with you at your level.

Pole Conditioning / Strength Training – All Levels

This class will work on getting you stronger for pole work and deepening your flexibility. Open to all levels.

Exotic Chair Flow

Come learn to combine pole dancing and chair dance in a fluid, flowing routine.

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