Mikal Mount

Mikal first discovered pole dance fitness when she was searching to no avail for something to help lose that last 10-15 pounds. Workouts became sporadic, as she was slowly losing motivation. She had never experienced working out at a gym or anywhere outside her home, so this was a little scary at first. She never considered herself graceful or sexy, and was intimidated by the idea of pole dance. But at the same time, she was so intrigued that she couldn’t put the thought of trying it out of her head. After just one class, she was hooked. Within a few months, the physical results were amazing!

Mikal has continued her education of this art by participating in a pole dance instructor certification workshop. The workshop was at Susan Hilferty’s Pole Fitness in Miami. The instructors were professionally trained in dance and had some wonderful techniques. She received her Pole Dance Instructor Certification for beginner, intermediate, & advanced teaching.

Pole dance fitness has changed her life and it can change yours too!

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