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Pole & Aerial Fitness
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28360 Old 41 Rd. #9
Bonita Springs, FL
(239) 676-8145

Class Descriptions

Below are the classes currently being offered in the studio. When you see one that you are interested in, click the banner and more information will appear. (Click again to hide.)

For more information, call us at (239) 676-8145 during business hours and we'll be happy to answer all your questions.

Aerial Conditioning

Conditioning using combination of aerial equipment, Lyra & Hammock, please wear pants.

Beginner Pole

This class is for you ladies who are new to pole. This class will cover basic pole foundations, beginner spins, basic grips, proper body alignment, and strength building.

This class is a requirement for all new polers. Whether it’s your first time or if you are just starting your workout regimen and need to start slow and build up strength, this class along with Conditioning Class will get you there! It is recommended that you attend this class 3-4 times minimum before signing up for Pole Flow and Tricks & Transitions.

It is very important to master the foundations of pole before learning more advanced techniques.

Cleo’s Rock ‘N Pole

Cleo’s Rock ‘N Pole is a fun and high energy workout incorporating Pole Dance Choreography for strength, flexibility and cardio training.

This class will get your heart pumping, legs kicking, stilettos clacking and butts shakin’ to some of your favourite rockin’ songs.

Learn 1 full routine over 4 weeks choreographed by Cleo The Hurricane and get strong, flexy and fit, with the confidence of a Rock Star. Are you ready to ROCK ‘N POLE?

Conditioning – Inverts, Climbs & Holds

Whether a seasoned poler or just getting started, this class is a must. It will help you train to gain the strength to climb, invert and take your tricks to the next level.

There will also be upright holds taught in this class and basic flexibility. Once you have learned to invert and climb comfortable you will test out with the instructor and if you are ready you can start attending the Tricks & Combos Class.


This class is dedicated to increasing your flexibility with a variety of floor stretches and stretches using the different types of equipment.

You will do a warm-up to prepare your joints, followed by static stretches.

Wanna get that split, backbend, or take a pole move just a bit farther? This is the key!

Floor “Twerk”

This class will cover floor work and floor routine. In addition, there will be some fun booty shakin! If you’ve seen twerking and don’t know quite how to start, this is for you!

Floor Play

Learn a fun floor routine including kicks, shoulder rolls, and learning how to flow your floor moves together to create a beautiful sexy movement.

It is recommended that you bring legwarmers and/or knee pads. If you do not have the above then a long pair of socks will do and we have loaner knee pads in studio.


Ok, you’ve got a taste of what you are capable of on the pole, so it’s time to challenge yourself in new ways. You will learn more advanced spins, combinations, and learn how to do your basic invert and inverted holds.

Some of the moves covered at this level are basic invert,straddle, butterfly, pike, regrab, and superman. You must be very comfortable with controlled inverting before you may move on to advanced class!

Please ask your instructor when you are ready to move on.

Introduction to Pole

This class if for you first timers to get the chance to experience a pole fitness class and decide if pole is right for you!

We will cover the warm-up and touch on some of the basic pole foundations, as well as a couple of spins and a short routine. One class and you’ll be hooked!

This class is designed to show you what is involved in our recurring classes. Many students take introduction to pole several times. If you are just starting your workout regimen and need to start slow to build up strength before you are ready to move into beginner class, please feel free to take this class as many times as you like.

Lyra Basics & Conditioning I

You will get familiar with the Lyra in this class. You must take intro to Lyra first.

In this class, you will learn the basic mounts and dismounts used in Lyra as well as exercises to condition and strengthen so that you can move forward into tricks & transitions.

Lyra I

In this class, you will familiarize yourself with the equipment. Learning basic holds, basic invert / exit and exercises that you would need to be able to complete before moving on.

You will learn the many mounts and inverts to get your body into the aerial hoop. You will have focused training exercises both on the Lyra and off to build up your strength and flexibility to start some of the beautiful tricks and moves that can be done on this equipment.

Open Gym

This is for you ladies who do not have a pole at home and would like to get in a little extra practice in between classes in an affordable way.

This class is NOT a structured class. An instructor will be present at the studio if you have any questions. You are responsible to properly warm up and choose what to work on. If you are new to working on inverts please notify the instructor on duty so they may provide you with a crash mat and supervision. You will also have use of the ballet barre, aerial hammock, aerial hoop and any other equipment.

If you’d like to work on the hammocks or Lyra then you must first attend at least 1 class on the basics and proper use.

Power Pole

This class focuses on core, strength, flexibility, drills and aerial combinations.

Power Pole Spinny

This class focuses on core, strength, flexibility, drills and aerial combinations on spinny pole.

Tri-Fly Aerial Fitness

Tri-Fly Aerial Fitness combines the best elements of Yoga, Fitness and Aerial Circus to give a unique full body work out. Tri-Fly uses an aerial hammock swing to get the heart pumping and improve strength, flexibility and postural alignment while sculpting and defining muscle tone.

This innovative concept combines fitness with fun, acrobatics and flying. Tri-Fly is like nothing you have tried before. Whether you already lead an active lifestyle or you’re just getting started, Tri-Fly can benefit everyone.

The height of the swing can be altered to each students range giving the best possible workout. The swing increases balance and stability, core strength, muscle strength and endurance and much more.

This is an all level class, moves will be broke down to accommodate both newcomers and frequent flyers!

Tricks & Combos

This class will focus on tricks and how to combine your invert and climbing skills with some beautiful tricks.

Before attending this class you will need to attend conditioning to learn your inverts and climbs. When you are inverting comfortably and can climb the pole please check with your instructor for a final evaluation so we can be sure you are ready to take your poling to the next level.